At LACE Conference Centre, we are committed to protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of our visitors and staff. It is important that we offer healthy catering options for our meetings and events, which follow nutritional recommendations of public Health England.
When arranging a meeting or event, please ask us about our healthy choices, which can include:
* Fresh Fruit
* Low fat yogurt
* Wholemeal toast
* Fruit loaf or fruit buns
* Low sugar granola
* Fresh fruit basket
* Fresh fruit platter
* Selection of unsalted nuts/seeds
Sandwich & Working Lunches
* Choose brown, wholemeal and granary breads & wraps - no white breads
* Choose low fat, poly unsalted spreads
* Choose lower salt and saturated fat options such as tuna, chicken,
vegetables, egg, lean meat, low fat hummus
* Use reduced fat cheese - grated not sliced
* Try to include an oily fish such as salmon
* Choose reduced fat mayonnaise if required
* Try to include 40g of salad/vegetables in
* Have fresh fruit available (avoid fruit which is
not easy to eat when standing, such as oranges)
* Request jugs of iced water
* Decaf options to be provided alongside regular tea and coffee, plus fruit and herbal teas
* Lower fat milks to be provided, e.g. semi skimmed, 1% fat or skimmed, plus an unsweetened non-dairy alternative fortified with calcium
* Fruit or vegetable juices to be provided in portions of 150ml maximum
Lunch (Refectory or buffet)
* Salad Bar
* Freshly made soup
* Poached salmon
* Chargrilled chicken
* Jacket potato with beans, tuna, cottage cheese, lean mince   chilli
* Crudités with lower fat dips i.e. hummus
Additional Information 
* Salt is on request only
* We do not serve white bread (unless it is requested prior to the event)
* We do not serve white rice
* We do not serve mineral water (unless it is requested prior to the event) 
* All of our food is labelled
* We offer Vegan alternatives
* Please speak to us about allergens
* Wherever possible, we try to serve locally produced foods
* We grow our own herbs during the warmer months

2 Large
2 Seminar
9 Meeting
1 Syndicate

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